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Why can't I "unfollow" discussions?

With every email I get whenever someone comments on "el arroz está escaso de sal" or "mucho ruido y pocas nueces," there is a button that says, "unfollow discussion."

It does not work.

Yeah, I know I can just delete these messages but sometimes I open them up anyway, then I am annoyed because I am tired of reading the variations on a theme. These discussions are both over a year old.

Could we try to encourage the DL engineers to fix this?

May 6, 2015



The button on the top right of the discussion page must be pressed to unfollow the discussion but it is confusing because if you have commented on a discussion, it says "Following discussion" and you click on it and it then says "Follow Discussion" which is so similar and you don't get feedback that the discussion is unfollowed. So, I know I would press it again and not figure it out at first. "Follow Discussion" means that you are not currently following it and you can press the button if you want to follow it. "Following Discussion" is when you need to click it to unfollow it. The trouble is there are many sentences that you may have followed and each individual sentence would need to be unfollowed. When you click on the button in the email:"Unfollow Discussion", you are brought to the discussion page at which you must click on the "Following Discussion" button to unfollow it.

Also you can mouse over your user name above to see a drop down menu and you can click on Settings, then click on Notifications at which you can turn off the feature to email you when "Someone responds to a discussion I am following". Here is a quick link to that: https://www.duolingo.com/settings/notifications


Nah, in my case there must be some sort of glitch. I knew about the green button and tried multiple times to unfollow. It must be due to each individual comment somehow. Luckily, it's not the case for every single discussion I have commented on. Usually I will see the little yellow bell on the top right of my screen notifying that someone has commented on my recent comments. And the email notifications don't seem to work. In the past year only once have I forgotten to do DL, and the reminder email didn't arrive. Luckily I had a streak freeze.

The little notification bell has its downside too: there is only place for five messages. If someone goes and edits more than five of my translated sentences, I'll never find out what else might have happened that affect me.


The notifications work really well on my android cell phone, but I have to look for them on the computer email as they are buried in my spam summary. Your reminder emails may be in your spam folder. I wonder if there is a delay that makes it look like the unfollowing has not worked. Perhaps it becomes effective at midnight or something like that, meanwhile other comments may have already been sent to you and you had not received them yet which could show up after you unfollowed the discussion. I don't know, so I hope someone helps you out with this. Also, if I comment later on the same page, I have then inadvertently followed the discussion once again.


Lol, a lingot for you! Thanks. I am going to go check out my settings; there must be a logical explanation for this.


You can go to the sentence and unfollow it.


I don't see any place where you can unfollow individual sentences. You can delete them, but your username remains with a [comment deleted] sign. This, I believe, is worse than my least popular comments. I mean, when people see one of those they might imagine you were being vulgar or mean; who knows!


Let's take the discussion https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8366896 as an example. At the top you can see an option Follow discussion highlighted in green. If you wish to subscribe to this discussion (receive notification by mail provided the option is select in settings page), you can click on this and the button will change to Following discussion with a tick mark. Sometimes, due to caching issues you may need to refresh the page to see this change.

When you post on any discussion, you will be automatically subscribed to that. So the Follow discussion will change to Following discussion. If you don't wish to get notifications for the discussion, you can then click on the Following discussion option and it will change back to Follow discussion thus unsubscribing you from further notifications for the discussion.


Please fix this. It's so annoying. I might have to block all notifications from Duolingo if it continues.

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