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  5. "He would have been happy."

"He would have been happy."

Translation:Mutlu olurdu.

May 6, 2015



So it seems "He would have been happy." translates the same as "He used to be happy."?


used to and would have are usually expressed in the same way in Turkish. However, it is a bit different for "olmak".

  • I used to be happy when I was young: Ben gençken mutluydum (Ben gençken mutlu olurdum sounds weird)
  • I used to be happy when I lived in Turkey: Ben Türkiye'de yaşarken mutluydum (mutlu olurdum is completely wrong here)
  • I used to be happy every time I see you: Ben seni her gördüğümde mutlu olurdum. (because here you can use "become" or "get" instead of "be". -- muyluydum is weird )


So, does olurdu have a counterfactual sense, as in the English "İ would have been happy" (but actually I wasn't)?


Thanks a lot :-)


Yes, it's the same thing in Turkish. ;p


So is it literally the same thing, or would it be clear from context which of those 2 possible things was meant?


I thought I had nailed most of turkish grammer but here I am, very confused between ' he was ' or 'he used to be ' :( Oh! I will just keep on practicing it, till I have perfected it. The thing I love about duolingo is it does not hurry you on or give unrealistic deadlines.

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