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  5. "Eat the apple!"

"Eat the apple!"

Translation:Elmayı ye!

May 6, 2015



It says the correct translation is "elmayi (-dot) yiyin", why not "elmayi yiyorsun"? And "elmayi ye!" is also correct?


Yiyorsun = You are eating (present progressive)

Ye! = eat! (imperative)

Yiyin! = eat! (y'all) (imperative)

Yes, both "elmayı ye" and "elmayı yiyin" are correct.


Thanks for the explanation! But.... the second way the imperative is formed, hasn't yet been in the course... has it?


The second way?

There is no second way. It's just that if you're talking to more than one person (or talking to one person with respect [the Dutch U]), you add "-(y)in" to the "regular" imperative.

Yap! → Yapın!

Söyle! → Söyleyin!

"Ye" is just an exception; it's not "yeyin" but "yiyin!".

The verb "Demek" (to tell), for instance, which always follows the same format as "yemek" is regular in this case: we write "Deyin!" (although it's pronounced 'diyin').


Thanks for the explanation! I appreciate that you took time to explain it to me. :) I was just confused about it popping up in the questions. I couldn't find the course part about it.


yes the plural/formal way is not taught in the course


Ah! That's why I was confused! :D

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