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"Déanann mo dheartháir réamhaisnéis na haimsire."

Translation:My brother does the weather forecast.

May 6, 2015



For the information of anyone interested, réamhaisnéis na haimsire = weather forecast, faisnéis aimsire = weather report. Faighim gach nuacht atá de dhíth orm ar an fhaisnéis aimsire.


For Met Eireann or just for your household? Either way, good luck to him getting it right :)

[deactivated user]

    It asks for "THE weather forecast" but there is not definite article before réamhaisnéis na haimsire. Is it always definite?


    Réamhaisnéis na haimsire is a phrase with a definite genitive noun, which needs to omit all but the last article; despite this, everything in the phrase is definite. It literally translates as “the forecast of the weather”.

    As an aside, the older spelling of réamhaisnéis was réamh-fhaisnéis ; I find that recognition of the components of a compound word helps me to remember how to spell it, and perhaps that recognition might help other people as well.


    Well, then I think the older spelling was more reasonable in this case.


    Yes, my view is also that some compound words would be better spelled with their eliminated silent fh letters, e.g. mairtfheoil vs. mairteoil.


    So when trying to work out the elements in a compound word, sometimes it helps to add an 'fh' wherever it might be appropriate. ..


    I actually spelled weather forecast right....but that word for "brother" ugg, has always given me problems! Didn't even recognize the word! put mother instead.


    Deartháir is another word that came from a shortened compound word — dearbh-bhráthair (“true brother”, “real brother”). Bráthair, which is cognate to “brother”, has modern meanings of “kinsman”, or “brother” in its religious community sense.


    Except Scots Gaelic where bràthair is brother and Piuthar is sister.

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