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"Bugün altıncı kez yağmur yağıyor."

Translation:It is raining for the sixth time today!

May 6, 2015



The slow version of the recording clearly says "altı" instead of "altınca"


I just reported this as well. Is anybody actually maintaining this course?


I reported this about 6 months ago


"It is raining today for the sixth time." should be added to the correct answers.


'Today it is raining for the sixth time', was marked wrong. I don't see why.


Why isn't it "today is the sixth time it's raining" (e.g. this month)?


That looks correct to me. Feel free to report it :-]


Isn't the syntax in that completely different though?

I'm not advanced enough in Turkish yet, so I don't know how to translate the sentence you suggested, but it uses a (covert) relative clause in English, so I suppose in Turkish it would sound something like ‘bugün yağmurun yağdığı altıncı kez’. I am not sure that ‘kez’ can be relativised this way, however, nor that ‘today is the Xth time’ can be translated with ‘bugün Xinci kez’ at all (I have a feeling you would need another way of saying ‘time’, one that acts more like a noun and less like an adverb, but this is all speculation).


if you're using ordinals meaning 'number of experiences' then the present perfect tense should be used in English. E.g. This is the sixth time it has rained today. /It is the sixth time it has rained today.

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