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  5. "Er wohnt mit einer Frau."

"Er wohnt mit einer Frau."

Translation:He is living with a woman.

September 20, 2013



I am still having trouble hearing the difference between "eine' and einer". Someone posted a link to something that contrasted the sounds, but it is still hard for me to hear. It is almost as if the final "e" is a short schwa sound and "er" is longer and more "formed".


As you said. For me 'einer' is more 'einA" really "a" as in "about". But sometimes it's not really clear. Also, see katherle's post about dative.


You are right that in this instance we get the answer from context, but sometimes in dictations there is not much of a context. I'm glad to know someone else has trouble hearing the difference.


Very true that this happened to be a situation where content.helped. Many people comment on difficulties with listening. Probably, more hearts lost on this exercise than all others combined.


why is it einer Frau instead of eine Frau?


After "mit", you have to use the dative case, so "eine Frau" (nominative case) becomes "einer Frau" (dative case).

See this chart: http://de.wiktionary.org/wiki/ein#Artikel

The German sentence sounds odd, though.


Thank you! Duh! :)


Why does the sentence sound strange?


Also I would recommend look here: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/German/Grammar/Prepositions_and_Postpositions nice table that should be in a grammar text for preposition lesson long time ago... but still is not there....


he stays with a woman ?


Edit: I guess that that would be "er bleibt bei einer Frau" or "er bleibt mit einer Frau"


"Er bleibt bei einer Frau" would be correct. "Er bleibt mit einer Frau" doesn't work, though.


Does this mean both a) that he has a female roommate and b) that they are living together romantically, or is there another way to make the distinction clear?


If they were romantically involved, I think we might say "his woman" rather than "a woman". Either they are not romantically involved, or it is unknown whether they are and they are being given the benefit of the doubt.


My translation was, "He lives with a woman" - what is your problem?


Das klingt teuer

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