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How do streaks work ?

What is Duolingo consider a streak ? I understand that is a day but how do they establish what a day is ? Is it just any given 24 hour period or does it follow the time code you are in (so if I complete a lesson at 23:45 and then one at 00:45 an hour later do I have a 2 day streak ) ? I lost my streak a couple of times and it's quite frustrating!

September 20, 2013



Day starts at midnight, it follows the time zone you are in. yes, you would have a 2 day streak. Also It is enough to earn 1 point to keep the streak going.


Yes...none of that is true :)). Actually it's true that you only need 1 point but the rest isn't. I finished a session yesterday at 11 a'clock, tried after 1 hour and it still wasn't a 2 day streak...I tried it now (8:30 in the evening the next day) and it still won't appear as a 2 day streak...


I don't know what to tell you except that is how it works for me.


Maybe it is not for the time you are in, but somewhere in USA time?!?! I would love to know the answer too... Also, is there any way to know if the person that is answering the question works for duo lingo or it is just a guess from an user?

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