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  5. "The dates are in the table."

"The dates are in the table."

Translation:As datas estão na tabela.

September 20, 2013



The verb "ser" is used to say a caracteristic of a person/object. The verb "estar" is used to say a status, you can say "Estou feliz" (I am happy) and "Estou aqui" (I am here). Therefore, "estar" is a momentaneous.


can ser not be used if place of estar here, if so why?


Things on a table can be changed from time to time, so use "estar". They are there now, but that doesn't mean it will remain there forever.


But what if you wrote them in pen!?!?


What about the periodic table of elements?It has changed over time but is generally considered as fixed information.


Dates cannot be "in" a table, they can only be "on" a table


They can be in a table if the table is a spreadsheet or a database table. 'On a table' would only be used for a physical wooden table (mesa).

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