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Making all immersions strengthen words

Whenever Duo tells me that I can now translate such-and-some-% of immersion articles and I help translate the suggested article and it strengthens my words, I always fancy the thought of all articles strengthening words.

September 20, 2013



But all immersion do strenghten your words - go look att you vocabulary after you translated something lots of words will have been strenthened.


Ok, thanks so much. I did'nt know that.

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Jeez, I never even noticed that.

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Personally, I wouldn't like that. Immersion doesn't really help me remember words like practice does, but I like translating and I wouldn't want to have to cut back for fear of altering the already imperfect word strength/practice algorithm. I think it's nice that we have a choice.


Maybe we could have the option whether or not to have our words strengthened whilst translating.

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