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Hebrew Time #18: Colors

Hello everyone!

שלום לכולם

Welcome to Hebrew Time #18! For those of us who are joining now – Hebrew Time is a series of weekly posts about the Hebrew language, Israel, and the Jewish people.

You can see the previous post [here]


This week we are celebrating in Israel “Lag BaOmer”. You can read about this special day here

Our topic for today is… COLORS!!

Today, we are going to learn only the basic form of the colors in Hebrew, which is the masculine version. If you want to make the feminine version (to describe a feminine noun), you just add “ה-” to the end of the color.

So let's go!

צבע - Color.

כחול - Blue.

אדום - Red.

ירוק - Green(The first recording is more recommended, even though both aren’t that good).

צהוב - Yellow.

לבן - White.

שחור - Black.

אפור - Gray

סגול - Purple.

ורוד - Pink.

כתום - Orange.

חום - Brown.

And finally…

צבעוני - Colorful.

That’s it!

We can't finish without telling you:


See you later!

That was Hebrew Time #18 (we’re getting closer to number 20!), thanks for joining us! Woohoo!

Be up-to-date with our progress on the Hebrew for English speakers course by checking up our incubator page here!

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Thanks MaeMcA for helping me write this post!

That's it!

עד שבוע הבא!

Until next week!

May 6, 2015



Don't forget light blue - תכלת.


Thank you... I'm waiting for the Hebrew couse:)


Can't wait! That website is really helpful by the way.


Thanks! If someone applied to contribute to the course, are you able to add him or her yourself?


Thank you! Can't wait for Hebrew! :-D

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