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Report or Discuss Sentence?

Please don't clutter the sentence discussions so that people can easily find answers to their questions.

May 6, 2015



I think it could be useful in the general english forum (too). ;)


This would be a good lessons to people who don't think when they get the lesson wrong.


Some sentence problems I reported I was not sure were actually problems. If we are not completely sure would you prefer we ask in the discussion?

If YES and we are told later that it really is a problem should we then report it and if so how?

If NO how would I know later whether my report was wrong or still waiting to be considered? I am sure now that some of my reports were wrong - but I have only received one or 2 emails and those said that my suggestions were accepted.

Are there many reports awaiting consideration? If so can they be made visible so I do not waste time reporting something someone else has already reported.


btw, we actually check a lot of reports regularly. The Turkish course is new and doesn't have too many users so the reports are still manageable. If you haven't received many emails, probably your reports were wrong. We also check the initial skills more often, as they are used by more people, so we might not have checked your reports in the last skills yet as well.

And no the reports cannot be made visible; first of all this is not something the course moderators can do and I don't think the developers will ever do this as it is not really something important. It is actually not a problem that several users report the same thing. Sentences with a high number of reports go up, so that's a good thing we can easily notice them and fix them. Alternatives that were reported by one or two users are usually either wrong or regionalisms or a very weird way to say something.


Ah OK sorry to take so much of your time and thanks for explaining stuff which is presumably common to all Duolinguo courses, but which as I am new to Duolinguo I did not know. Sometimes I was not sure whether to ask in the general forum or here as I did not know which things are specific to this course. Thanks to all the volunteers, as I am finding the course very useful for my grammar and sentence writing (as I live in Turkey I do not need the listening component).


If you have a question (including "Would it be correct to translate the sentence it by XXXX?"), the sentence discussions are exactly meant for that.

Know that:

  • you don't receive a notification when a report of yours is rejected, only when it is accepted
  • reporting is never a waste of time. Given that volunteers receive a huge amount of reports, they have to prioritize and they generally do that by reviewing the exercises having the more reports. Indeed, it'll impact more the learning of users to correct a missing translation that a lot of users naturally use as answer than to accept one that only one user used.


Thanks that is useful. So are you saying there is a big backlog of reports? I realise that in beta there will naturally be a lot but given that the total number of Turks learning English is many times greater than the total number of English speakers learning Turkish can you not just ask for more volunteers from e.g. final year high school students or prep-year uni students? Would it not be useful for their English learning to volunteer for this kind of stuff? If there were more volunteers they could deal with all reports straight away instead of prioritising.


no we certainly cannot ask a lot of volunteers, especially not " final year high school students or prep-year uni students". This is why this course is of high quality. Contributors have to be very proficient in both languages. They have to be able comprehend if the suggested Turkish translation is really a translation of the given English sentence. Furthermore, there are also many reports for reverse translations, from Turkish to English. How can they decide if those are correct? Having a very big team brings in a lot of problems. It is better to have a small team consisting of people who actually know what they are doing than having a huge team creating a lot of mistakes and chaos.

We still review applications and invite people from time to time though, just added someone this week.


I take your point that we all want a quality course and that it is difficult to control quality if you have a lot of people, but are you saying that all the volunteers have to be able to check both forward and reverse translations? That seems an extremely high requirement if they are not being paid. I think it is generally easier to translate into your native language so could not some volunteers who are not native English speakers be limited to checking the English to Turkish direction? I think it is of more benefit for us students to be asked to translate into Turkish than the other way around. Or do all Duolinguo sentences have to be correct both ways? If so it would be hard to properly teach a word with multiple meanings such as "özel".


of course they have to. How do you think the courses were created :D

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