what is your idea about persian(farsi) ?

persian language is ancient language it's easy to learn but it need time. it have different alphabet (arabic) . it's many funny , Attractive and interesting novels stories poems and...etc in persian language .but it,s problem, some of the persian speakers can't speak english so good , so in this time with adding persian language many people can speak english or other languages, may english speakers can learn persian ,too. now , i want you to say your idea about persian language.

<pre>ممنون=thanks </pre>
May 6, 2015


well im a native Persian and I applied several times for this contribution thing about "perisan for Englisg speakers" but Duolingo hasn't replied to my participation, so im so hopeless they ever do, cuz I rlly wanna help the people who are interested in Iran/Persian and 2 b honest im rlly surprised that people actually know/love this language a lot like wow !! oh btw don't mind my writing lol, its just I know the correct forms I just write them shortly, plus my English is well... great enough 2 help people learn Persian in English I just don't know how 2 be accepted by Duolingo as a translator, I mean any help? @volive03

May 16, 2015
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It would be great to read Hafez directly in the original. I'm reading it in translation and it sucks (to say the least).

May 6, 2015
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