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  5. "What is she telling you?"

"What is she telling you?"

Translation:O sana ne söylüyor?

May 6, 2015



What is the difference between seni and sana ?


Seni is a direct object, and sana is an indirect object. (Here, she's telling something TO you, so you're the indirect object. If we were saying she loved you, then you'd be the direct object: "seni seviyor.")


got it now thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks


why is it wrong to say: ne sana o diyor ?


Normal word order is SOV, subject object verb. So although the verb comes at the end, the subject comes at the beginning. Indirect object and direct object come in between, as does other information like where or when. the question word typically comes before the key word being questioned.

There may also be a rule for indirect object to come before direct object. ?? In this case, the question word Ne is the direct object. She/he to you WHAT is telling?


Sorry I can't comment on diyor vs. soyluyor. Maybe diyor doesn't take a direct object.


What is the difference between diyor and söylüyor?


Thank you so much!


Is it gonna clear enough if we say " Sana ne söyluyor?"

[deactivated user]

    I think it is clear


    Sana ne diyor, O? Could this work too?


    My answer was wrong and i got offered this sentence: "Sana ne diyor?"
    In the hints I see a word demek, so is the diyor the continuous form of demek for 3rd person sg.?
    In an earlier lesson there was mentioned the "mek" as a suffix for the infinitive, so the verb is de, actually, right?
    Then why is the form diyor instead of deyiyor? AFAIK when we have a two adjacent vowels we put a "y" for harmony, so my logic says it's deyiyor.


    there are some exceptions:
    demek -> diyor
    yemek -> yiyor
    gitmek -> gidiyor
    etmek -> ediyor
    I don't know if there are others. :)


    Why is "O sana nedir söylüyor" wrong?

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