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How can i report mistakes in flashcards?

I am a native spanish speaker and i was looking at the flashcards in spanish when learning it from the english language. There are some serious mistakes there (and i didn't even look for too long) that are gonna confuse a fair amount of people i believe. Is there a way to do something about it?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

May 6, 2015



In my experience, none of the flashcards is ever wrong, just counterintuitive; they are sampled randomly from word hints, which for the staff-created courses like ES-EN were originally imported from some dictionary, and are also used during immersion. I personally removed a lot of those weird hints in the Italian course, precisely to reduce the confusion where the meaning was rare enough; for instance I'd rather let people learn the euphemisms for condom on their own.

Just notify one of the privileged course contributors, the ones with an M icon on http://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/es/en/status; they'll weigh pros and cons.


I cannot say i have seen them all, i do not have the time for it. I took a look at a few words and the translation was either incomplete or simply wrong. An example, the word "diríamos" which means "would say" was translated to "would think", there's no situation where that translation is possible. As i said, i did not see them all, but by that beginning i can imagine there are more mistakes. Thank you for your answer and i will inform them.

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