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losing xp points

I have a student who had a lot of xp points that disappeared. How does that happen? How can it be avoided?

May 6, 2015



You cannot lose your xp points unless you reset a course and even then I am not sure if you lose your xp points or just reset the lessons. If they are learning languages from more than one base language, than you can only see the xp earned from that particular base language until you switch to the other base language. For example, when I learn English from Greek (I am actually learning Greek in reverse.) I can only see the xp that I earned from that course. When I switch back to learning French, Spanish, etc. from English than I can see all the xp earned from English to French, English to Spanish, etc.

You can lose your streak which is the number of consecutive days that you have met your xp goal.

You can give away your lingots, but not your xp.


I tried it myself in jan/2020. When you reset a course:

  • you lose your xp for that course, and it is also subtracted from your total xp;

  • you lose your progress for that course: your level gets back to zero;

  • you DON'T lose the "yellow crowns" for that course.


The cumulative points total which tell me how far I have progressed within my current level seem to have disappeared. Is there anyway I can get them back?


I just noticed I lost about 7000 xp points as I had reached level 23 last week after accumulating over 30000 points and now I've been put back to level 22. The only thing I can think of is that I had to reset my password and log in for the first time after always being signed in when I had to change settings on the browser I use. One odd thing is that the crown levels have remained in tact and have not been reduced. So I don't understand what is going on. At least the number of skills where I attained level 5 doesn't seem to have been reduced.

NEVER MIND I was looking at the flame which is the wrong icon. Please disregard the above complaint.

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