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Lingot Quizzes - Printable Certificates?

I'd like to require that my students take a proficiency quiz before the school year ends. Since they will do the quiz outside of class, I'd like them to be able to print the certificate to show me that they completed it. Is there a way to print the certificates or for me to see their certificate on the dashboard? I see you can share on facebook and twitter, but I'd like a hard copy since most of my students are not connected to me via social media.

May 6, 2015



How can you be sure that your students take the quiz themselves? Hard copies show proficiency at using GIMP or Photoshop, don't they?


I can't be sure they do any of their homework themselves. That's just the nature of the system. I combine individual work on Duolingo with other quizzes at school for overall assessments. However, what I'm interested in is printing out the certificate at the end of the quiz rather than just seeing it on facebook or twitter (-- not possible nor ideal). I'd also be happy with a dashoboard report for quizzes and that wouldn't have to include a printable version.


Typically you can print a page right off of safari or google. You can also on the desktop of your computer select file>> print.

I hope this helps! It might take a bit of fiddling around with but its possible! It kind of depends on the type of computer you have


How would I have access to their accounts to print the page showing the quiz score?


Would a way to email the page be ok?

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