"Sie hat einen Elefanten."

Translation:She has an elephant.

December 24, 2012



Is this correct? Einen Elefanten? einen is singular and Elefanten is plural I think.....Can somebody clear the doubt

December 27, 2012


It is correct--Duolingo threw us kind of a mean curve ball on this one. Elefant is irregular in that it changes its ending depending on the case. There are very few nouns that work this way and unfortunately you just have to memorize them... For more info check out this thread: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/313?from_skill=0cc096abe097f7dab3bb9434d94ea632

January 1, 2013


Are nouns that do this called "weak nouns", or am I thinking of something different?

January 17, 2018


Seems to be true: http://mein-deutschbuch.de/n-deklination.html I never thought so much about it...

February 22, 2018


It's correct (accusative singular).


December 28, 2012


Could you please tell me if the sentence --- It is a dog (Es ist ein Hund) is nominativ or akkusativ ............What I think is if there is a object, then it is a akkusativ, so Es ist ein Hund is correct instead of Es ist einen Hund. It is nominativ according to me.

Now why do u say, He has a elephant is akkusativ?

December 28, 2012


Very few verbs take Nominativ but sein is one of them so "Es ist ein Hund." is Nominativ.

Haben takes Akkusativ so "Sie hat einen Elefanten" is Akkusativ.

January 1, 2013


Within "Tips": It is a dog is a form of predicative nominative.


March 6, 2013


... einen Elefanten, very interesting!

January 13, 2013


How do you know if it is "She" or "They"?

March 8, 2013


The verb has a different conjugation.

  • sie hat = she has

  • sie haben = they have

  • Sie haben = you (formal) have

At the start of a sentence and in speech, you can't tell the difference between the last two without looking at the context.


March 8, 2013
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