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  5. "Har du grædt igen?"

"Har du grædt igen?"

Translation:Have you cried again?

May 6, 2015



At græd, græder, grædt, etc is an interesting word for me because it sounds so much like the Scots more for cry, to greet... I hope they're related! :)


I'm sure they are. Scots has preserved much more of English's North Germanic origins than French-influenced southern English has.


Cutting onions... It happens all the time.


Er "er du græt igen" alså rigtig?


No, most action verbs use have to form perfect tenses, with the exceptions mainly being verbs of movement (gå, købe, flyve), and verbs of status (blive, which isn't really an action verb anyway).

"Er du græt" would mean "are you cried", i.e. a status. You could ask that to a tear. :)


Drengen der græd ulv? The boy who cried wolf.


That's the wrong from of "crying", græde is the teary kind. But the boy rather called loudly.

The story itself is known simply as "Drengen og Ulven", but you can also find "Drengen der råbte ulv".

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