"What time are we going?"

Translation:Saat kaçta gidiyoruz?

May 6, 2015

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Is "Ne zaman gidiyoruz" correct?


Yes, it is correct. We use it everyday in Turkish. In fact, the literal translation of "what time" is "Ne zaman", not "Saat kaçta"? So both should be accepted.


Yes i think so too


ne zaman is "when", so it is not necessarily asking for the exact time. Therefore, no.


That is correct but I think "Saat kaçta" means "at what time" " Saat kaç" means " what time"


Ne zaman gidiyoruz? Altıda gidiyoruz. I think


"Ne zaman gidiyoruz?" should be accepted too. It is neither wrong or unnatural. We use it in Turkish in daily language.


"What time are we going?" Translation: Saat kaçta gidiyoruz?


Saat kaçta gidiyoruz? At what time are we going?

Locative suffixes -te, -ta, -de, -da.

At what time are we going? is accurate as ("at" -ta) is the locative of "time."


Why is it not: saat kaç gidiyoruz?


I think Saat Kaçta is "at" what time. Need mods on here to confirm. Don't hold your breath though. :)


I am a bit confused^_^ Can it be "gidiyoruz saat kaçta?" Because in a previous lesson, I learned "akşam yemeği saat kaçta?" ---> "what time is the dinner?" So what I perceived is that the English format is same in both so we can use either format in turkish as well ( of using the question words in the start or either at the end). Am I right??


İ had the same question, İ believe it is because the subject is first. İn 'saat kaçta gidiyoruz' the subject is 'biz' which would come first but has been omitted to simplify the sentence.


Why does "Saat kaçta gidiyor muyuz" not work? Is the question doubled?


Yes, exactly. "Saat kaçta" already implies that the sentence is a question, I believe, the way "hangi" and "kim" do. So "mu" would only be necessary if it's not otherwise clear whether or not the sentence being said is a question. As an example,

  • Şimdi gidiyoruz = We're going now.
  • Şimdi gidiyor muyuz? = Are we going now?

  • Onu yiyeceksin = You are going to eat that.

  • Onu yiyecek misin = Are you going to eat that?

It's a mistake I keep making too, from time to time, because my brain just sees it as a verbal question mark and it is exactly that, but it's not always necessary.


What's wrong with 'kaç saatta gidiyoruz'?


You say is "how many hours we are going"


Why is it wrong to add "biz" here, as in "Saat kaçta biz gidiyoruz"?


Normally "biz" would go at the beginning of the sentence. Yours isn't wrong though and it has been added as an alternate.

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