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Percentages go up and down?

Yesterday I completed a topic (one of the circles on the main page for a language) and it told me "Congratulations! You can now understand 52% of all French."

Today I just completed another topic and it told me "Congratulations! You can now understand 51.3% of all French."

I apparently understand 0% of how percentages work. I had made the silly assumption that as I learn more, the % would always go up. Anyone know what's going on here? I know the French course is being revised quite a bit lately, but I've noticed this happening several times recently.

Thanks in advance!

May 6, 2015



The percentage is based on strength of all words learnt by you in the course till this point. Older skills, or you can say the words in the skills, gradually lose strength and this in turn leads to a decrease in the percentage value shown by Duolingo. Likewise, refreshing older skills will see an increase in the percentage.


I see why, but it still seems silly to me. Also, it always seems to hover; the first time, it would continually tell me that I was between 33.1 and 33.9%, and then after a while, it jumped to 49%-52%.

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