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Idiomatic Question

I've been reading several wiki pages in Spanish and I notice several idioms that I don't understand. Among them is a phrase used a few times "tanto en ruta." I've looked on Spanish dict and google but to no avail. Can anyone help me with this? Here is the wiki page. https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Portada

3 years ago


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"Tanto en ruta" is not an ideomatic expression:

If you read it properly, you'll see the whole sentence in that homepage goes "tanto en ruta como en contrarreloj", which means "both on road and time trial" or ...

They're cycling terms: "ciclismo en ruta" (road cycling) is a bike race done through a stage (a fixed route between two different spots) and as a group; "contrarreloj" (time trial) is an individual bike race where each cyclist completes the route alone, travelling only against the clock.

Meanwhile, "tanto... como" is a way of saying joining two ideas ("as well as"; "both").

  • Me gusta tanto el sol como la lluvia - I like the sun as well as the rain. I like both the sun and the rain.
3 years ago


tanto...como , it's a comparison phrase. I don't know much about cycling (even in English lol) but ruta & contrarreloj seem to be two different categories of the race. so it's saying he was the champion as much in the one category as the other. i'll give you a couple of non-cycling examples of this phrase. escribo tanto como tú- I write as much as you. no corro tanto como corría cuando era joven. I don't run as much as I ran when I was young.

3 years ago