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  5. "There is only one hotel."

"There is only one hotel."

Translation:Der er kun et hotel.

May 6, 2015



I put "Der er kun ét hotel" but it said that the é was a typo. Doesn't the accented é help specify "one" as compared to "an".


I believe the one you chose was "Der du kun ét hotel," where the typo would be 'du'. "Der er kun ét hotel" wasn't an option, even though I'm sure it would suffice.


For this question appeared as a "translate this" type of question rather than a multiple choice. I believe that this has been corrected since then though. Thanks!


why is bare instead of kun wrong?


bare - Just. Kun - Only


But in English, "just" and "only" can be synonymous. "He is just a boy" = "He is only a boy".


And, "bare" is sometimes used to express "only" as well. So "Der er bare et hotel." would be understood as "There is just/only one hotel." It isn't added as an alternative though, and used to express "kun" it can sound a bit stilted and outdated, which would be the case here.

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