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Glitch in immersion awards points to a different language tree. (or L25 in Irish / Turkish/ etc)

[deactivated user]

    How do people get to level 25 so fast in languages with no immersion? Maybe a bug, maybe not but it is quite simple if all that counts is having more points. If you go to immersion in a language you have a high translation tier in and start translating an article, then switch your language to (lets say irish) then go back to the article (via the link in your activity stream) and complete the translation, all your points will go to your currently selected language instead of the language of the document. Voilà la tricherie!

    May 7, 2015


    [deactivated user]

      I should add, I did not post this to encourage people to do it, more to expose how it is being done. My goal is to learn languages not score points so I will be doing it the old fashioned way. I should have level 25 in Irish sometime around 2050 ;)


      Neither did I!! In fact, I posted this because I don't really like people who come here to be popular for their fake 25s. I mean, if you learn something, learn it for real, right?


      It makes me remind of 2 users...

      one is JusttheletterK... <- that user is very strange
      the other one is LongHenry... <- that user is a wizard


      Yo también vi el progreso rápido de JusttheletterK y supe que era muy rara. Al principio creí que era cierto pero cinco días después vi que ya tenía tres idiomas más en nivel 25 y me di cuenta de que algo no andaba bien.


      Y unos días después todos los idiomas en 25... hmmm


      Y yo ayer agregué a JusttheletterK impresionado por los diez idiomas que tenía. Que ingenuo fui.


      Todos fuimos engañados :/


      porque no lingot


      There are far easier ways/tricks to reach l25 without Immersion and without studying several courses.


      There's the trick!!!

      [deactivated user]

        Hopefully duolingo will see it as a bug and correct it.


        Believe me, I really hope so!

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