Hey guys, Ok I am wondering about Streaks... What is the motivation behind it... Like do you actually receive more points with a higher Streak or ???

September 21, 2013


You earn 1 lingot for every 10 days on a streak (1 for 10, 2 for 20, etc)

you are motivated to learn every day

I think the streak is just a little bonus that shows yourself and others that you practice your languages daily. If you have a high streak, you'll want to keep that going and so you'll at least practice once a day. Clever way for Duolingo to get people on here on a daily basis. Also, you get 1 lingot for every 10 day streak too I guess (considering I got one yesterday for a 10 day streak)

does a streak only count if you finish a lesson or are you considered on a streak if you just come every day and practice (I am new sorry if my question seems stupid)

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