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Lesson practice vs. Vocabulary practice

What is the difference? I tried to do a lot of lesson practice because I noticed I forgot too much of what I had already learned but the vocabulary section doesn't seem to improve. Or is it just moving slowly? Anyway, I'd just like to know what the difference really is, thank you!

September 21, 2013



Hey, i had the same problem after i did a duolingo break for 2 months... It is just moving slowly because it basically only improves approximately 9-10 words every practice round... It took me a lot of practice runs to regain all the Gold Bars :)


Thank you, good to hear this :) (I am still curious though what the difference between the two practice modes is)


vocabulary practice- really lets you practice your weakest words from the vocabulary. and lesson practice- changes it difficulty levels depends on your results; i noticed that when i failed many times the level of practice dropped. i don't like any of those methods. a day after i finish a lesson i usually forget all of the words- and non of those methods helps me. so i'v started to write down words. and do lessons again, or use the practice inside the subcatagory i'm doing.


Yes, the difficulty changes – my daily dose of extra loser feeling – but still helpful I think. Vocabulary practice uses the same sentences, I guess it would also adjust itself? And then have an impact on lesson practice and vice versa? In detail it is not important to know but I'd love to see my "italian algorithm" changing as I feed it on different places, like a tamagotchi...


lol. i miss my tamagutchi! nice comaprison

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