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Does anyone know why I don't have all of the sounds during the lessons? I hear a sound when I make a mistake or I'm out of lives but I can't hear when speaker should speak in Italian... I don't know why, and that's why I lose my lives ;c . Sorry for my English :))

September 21, 2013


I've been on duolingo for 36 days and on each of those days I have sound problems. Their software is just very poorly written and tested. You might try using Google's Chrome as it seems to have the least issues; and don't use ad block add ons in your browser. As big an issue as this is, Duolingo seems to view it as a very, very low priority. This issue can be found in the discussion threads going to more than a year. I'm very frustrated myself as the algorithms are so good and effective. I think most people have just given up complaining about and use duolingo to learn how to read/write rather than hear/speak. Sad, but that's my two cents...

I believe they will fix it soon and that they care about user's opinions. Thanks for your post :)

What I would do is keep repeating the sound button or the slow one until i hear something, and then I press it again to hear it...I don't know if it will work for you, but sometimes it does for me. Hope it works ;)

Unfortunately, nothing happens... Of course, thanks for your help! I found out that it works in Internet Explorer, but when I want to use duolingo in Chrome it doesn't work.

your welcome :D it also works on Firefox (if you have it)

I hear no sound at all, even though I am using Google Chrome :( tried quitting the browser but didn't work

Try to use different browser... It doesn't work for me in Google Chrome also. I use duolingo on Internet Explorer and it works.

yeah, I'm using Safari now thanks!

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