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  5. "Este jardín es amplio."

"Este jardín es amplio."

Translation:This garden is spacious.

December 24, 2012



"wide" should be accepted for "amplio," shouldn't it? I can see how amplio can be taken to mean "ample", though.


wide is now an accepted answer 9 agosto 2014


Just marked me wrong.


Don't ya'll think that "This garden is wide"or "This is a wide garden" would be acceptable translations?


I think I used "This garden is wide" and it was accepted.


That's what I wrote and it was not accepted. I call shenanigans!


I was marked wrong. I was also marked wrong when I put "wide" in another sentence for "amplia" but I was marked right when I picked "Es amplio" in the multiple choice for "It's wide".


No, wide and spacious are two different things,


"This garden is wide" is given as a correct alternative. I think the issue with yours is the word order. You translated "este es un jardin amplio"


amplio can also mean big. Large is accepted but big is not?? extrano


It's just DL. They can't make every possible answer a choice, because that would take muuuccchhhh more programming.


Obviously there is the word "grande" for large. Ample in English means "large enough". "The street is not wide" is marked correct (for amplia) . I agree with duonersi's original comment. I feel that "large" misses something. "El jardín es amplio, pero no largo, sólo tres metros de la casa a la pared."


Or sufficient? Does amplio = suficiente


Ample does not just mead wide enough, and it means a lot more than wide. It can simply mean more than sufficient, Waiter: ''is that enough?'' Diner: ''Yes, it's ample, thanks.''


I said broad they said wide - no difference!!!


I am 37 and come from a rural family of avid gardeners, and I have never heard a garden called "spacious" or "wide". Gardens are referred to by their absolute size or their variety, not their density.


I am 68 and my father was a professional gardener. In our family we call a spade a spade and if a garden looks spacious we say it's big. If it's wide, as opposed to narrow, we say it's wide. There may be terms of art used in gardening books, but as in every other field, it's what ordinary folk actually say that counts.


But there's a difference in meaning from spacious to big. Having a big garden full of plants and trees but lacking room to swing a cat would mean it isn't spacious.


large should be accepted.


I always thought wide was ancho and amplio was big or spacious.


This garden is vast?


The way it was presented, a hint was spacious. A previous form amplia did not have spacious as a hint because it was talking about a street. Just an observation.


It didn't like "This is a spacious yard" either. DL must not like my word order. I would not use "wide" here because it is too "uni-directional". "Amplio" gives the impression of being big in all directions.


So does "spacious.'" -- big in all directions


what is wrong with roomy? A large area is called roomy!! Should be accepted.


probably being stupid, but why este and not esto?


No-one else is answering orchard so I will - este is the masc singular for teh demonstartive adjective "this". I know you might expect esto to amtch esta for the feminine but it is not, it's este. Esto is the sort of neutral pronoun "this" when you don'yt know what is is and hence cannot assign a gender. eg What is this?


Can someone please plain when to use este ?


Please see the comment I wrote to ArchitOjha above :)


Can somebody please explain the difference between the usage of 'Este' and 'Éste'?


"Éste" is a noun by itself, while "este" precedes a noun (as a describer). For example: "Éste no tiene ninguna camisa" = "This [boy] does not have a shirt;" notice that the subject/noun (in this case, boy) was not included in the Spanish sentence but it is implied. "Este niño no tiene ninguna camisa" = "This boy does not have a shirt," but you see that here the subject/noun is given. Another example: "Esta caja está llena, pero ésta no" = "This box is full, but this one is not." The subject (la caja) is given in the first clause, and implied in the second. I hope this helps :)


specious is an adjective that in my opinion describes volume. It is poor usage in terms of describing an open space


In English it is perfectly fine to say : This garden is spacious.


IN fact, a better choice of word.


spacious is a very specific answer and one that very few English speakers would use, I put "very big" and was marked incorrect, "of a good size" would be better


I do not understand who refers to a garden as spacious.


A real estate agent trying to sell a property would.


Anyone who thinks that a garden encompasses a lot of space (spatial area)


Anybody think "This garden is open" shpuld be accepted? Open can also have two meanings.


None that translates well to amplio, though.


ugh the first translation of spacious didnt count


I wrote, this is a wide garden. It was rejected. But why? I know amplia means wide because you get "el calle es amplia" and it is correct. So why not what I wrote?


I missed the word "is" and it said i was right. Why did he?


Let me finish. My hand spasms and hits the enter key.

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