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Few known lacking suggestions

I still think there are some things need to be fixed in duolingo. they were mentioned in the forum before but i'd like to bring em up again. i like the fact that the tech team is working hard on new things like lingots and w/e. but i don't really need lingots as much as i need those fixes:

  1. Stopping the practice clock when there is a mistake.

  2. if 1 not possible- Viewing the wrong answers at the end of the practice.

  3. when finishing a lesson- Word strengh cant be maximum! when you learn a new word you gotta see it again in pratice otherwise you forget.

September 21, 2013



I completely agree and I would also add:

4 When I misspell a phrase spoken out loud the only feedback I get is the spelling corrected but not the meaning of the phrase.

5 There is no way I can practice the vocabulary in the android app


i agree there are some exercises where we get to learn a lot of vocabulary at once and it becomes difficult to remember everything.

the word strength should at least be affected by the peeks made during the exercise,

allowing us to practice that word more. also alongside vocabulary strengthening we should have the opportunity to practice specific conjugations and similar looking verbs.

for example in portuguese, eu sou tu sei eu sei ele saia, those are three different verbs

and it is difficult to properly assimilate them when they are presented sporadically throughout the lessons. having conjugations exercises would help in learning to differenciate them.

anonymus, i saw a "strengthen my skills" button on the app, isnt that the same thing under a different name ?


Yeah, I was thinking the same about the peek thing.

To answer your question, no, not the same. You see, I like practicing one single verb for a while to see all its forms in the Vocabulary section. And I am yet to find this option in the app.

But the "practice weakest words" options in the Vocabulary seems to be the same as what you're referring to


oh, i hadnt noticed that was possible. thanks :)


You can also click a word in the vocabulary and practice just that word for a quick 2 points!


i wish I hadn't had to read this in the forums to find that out it would have been really useful last week in the beginning of basics 2. now that I know this though it will help a lot.


I think Duo's algorithms used to keep track of the strengths of the words you know is useless. I always see the same words all the time. Some of the words I have not been practicing and not seen in months. Unless I individually check the list of words in each subsection, and find the weak ones, there is no way Duo would bring those up.


Totally agree. Yesterday I practiced montre at least a dozen times and this morning I get a pop-up saying it's losing strength. I go to the individual word of montre and sure enough, it's down to 1 gold block. I love using duolingo, but it is also very frustrating due to the complete lack of quality assurance in their development cycle.


the practice algorithm is also not clear to me. cos it doesn't bring you the weakest words to practice..

im kinda not sure how to practice the new words im learning, and im stuck trying to keep all bars gold behind me too.. >_<"


I would like to make #1 Fix your sound issues!!! Duolingo has had issues on various browsers and the iPhone for over a year and still it doesn't work. Telling users to just keep switching browsers isn't a fix. Even with all the settings turned off, you can still have an audio-only question pop up but you can't hear it so you lose a heart. If duolingo can't fix the audio issues then have a "skip this question" option that doesn't cost you a heart.


LOVE number three. It is so true.


7 Vocabulary list having hover-over pronounciation.


Also when I run out of hearts when in lesson, it does not remember the new words I have learned in the lesson I have failed in. I can not practice the new words and I got put off doing the lesson for days because of all the failed attempts and it wont let me revise my mistakes.


actuelly thats a good way to learn. forces you to learn the words again.


Hey, look, now we get the correct spelling and the translation as well when we mess up with a spoken phrase!

Thanks Duolingo Team!


I still can't see the translation if i spelled it correctly but don't know the meaning

  1. Some people said that stopping time in timed practice (even when there is a mistake) would make it pointless because it's main function is not to teach but to test us how quickly we can come up with the right answer.

  2. I would like this one, actually I would like this option for both timed and non timed practice

  3. Even though the word strength is maximum its decay rate is that of a new word.That means a new word will lose its strength faster than a word you have already practiced several times. But I agree the decay rate should be a bit more faster for new words.


regarding #1-

I agree that you should answer as quickly as you can with the time running. but when you get it wrong you dont need to waste clock time to check your answer.. just doesn't make any sence.

i do know that they'r having problems with stopping the clock (prolly coz of mobiles?) and thats why i think #2 would be pretty helpfull. and not just in time practice but with lessons too

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