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Suggestion: Immersion for translating Duolingo itself

At the moment it is only possible to use Duolingo in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese (and in the last 4 languages you can only learn English).
This is a real pity. I'm German and my English is good enough to do everything here. But I know so many people that would benefit so much from this site but can't because the English is just too much. And there are so many other languages that are spoken here...

I understand that making new site languages, especially the lessons part is a very complex and time-consuming undertaking and there are other thing that are more pressing to implement.

Many people are talking/speculating about user-created languages at the moment. In addition to the ones we can already learn.
I want to talk about the other side: user-created site languages.

I mean, everything to do this exists already. This is what Immersion is originally for. To translate content for whoever needs it. Why doesn't DL use it itself?

We could have all the sentences from a "learning"-language open for translation into our native language. It would work like Immersion already does. People would correct each other until each lesson reaches a good quality.

Here are some ideas about how it could work:

  • There would be the need to state one (or two?) native language(s) in your profile. So you can only translate into your real native language(s). For better quality in translation.

  • There could be a new Immersion section (or call it as you will) because it obviously behaves differently then the normal Immersion (because you couldn't translate into a language that is not there yet inside this current format).

  • It could be organized in something like the Articles from Immersion but with each lesson. And there you'd have every sentence from the lesson that could be translated individually.

  • If it was organized by lessons it could also be connected to your tree. Maybe you could only translate the lessons that you have done on your tree. There could be a link to the respective translation page at the end of the lesson like the Immersion links at the moment.
    But I don't know about this. Maybe. Like this it's a bit difficult because it would exclude languages, we can't choose at the moment. For example I would like to translate English into German, but I don't have a connecting tree because I never used Duo to learn English.

  • Each part would only be marked finished when it was checked by enough people. (I don't know too much about Immersion because I don't use it regularly, so maybe this is already how it works.)

  • A language would only be complete and maybe ready for revision by officials or however it is done when everything was translated.
    What I mean to intend with it is that DL doesn't have to put too much work into it before it's sure it can be completed. Like this there could also be "smaller" languages open for translation and there would be no need to concentrate on only the most spoken ones. Everyone of a language could help and if it ever gets completed, perfect. But if not, there wouldn't be too much time wasted beforehand. Every implementation would only happen after a language is complete.

So this is it I think. If you have more ideas, please share.
And who knows, maybe this is already what the 9th October is supposed to bring us. Then there wouldn't be a need to suggest it anymore but it would make me very happy too. ;-)

5 years ago