"Ciao Giovanna."

December 24, 2012


It said in the hints that Giovanna can mean Jean, Joan, or Joanna but when I put in Joanna it said it was wrong.

December 28, 2012

yeah, same happened to me, wtf!!

January 5, 2013

the correct sentence shows "Bye Giovanna", but the hint of ciao is "Hello". so you should check it up

December 24, 2012

It says "Another correct solution:". So depending on the context you use Ciao. Or maybe they changed it but I don't think so.

December 31, 2012

GIovanna is Giovanna whatever language you use, translating names is dumb

December 30, 2012

i was about to say the same , it's absurd trying to traslate names. Names are only names.

December 30, 2012

the name is seen bye duolingo as translateable, i think that brings confusion. Yes certain names can be translated or be totally different in another language. However even then I prefer to use the name as they are originally named

December 24, 2012

I wrote "Hello Joanna" since mouse-over translation for Giovanna is Joanna. What's wrong here?

December 29, 2012

Don't translate names, if someone was named Giovanna, when speaking to her in English I wouldnt call her Jean, I would say Bye Giovanna

January 3, 2013

It told me I was wrong when I put in Joanna too. It also told me that "Ciao" meant "goodbye" when it had insisted on "hello" up till now.

January 3, 2013

It accepts if you don't translate the name, leave Giovanna as Giovanna.It's her name and shouldn't be translated.

January 14, 2013
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