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"Hans taske har interessant indhold."

Translation:His bag has interesting content.

May 7, 2015



I put "his bag has an interesting content" sounds more english. So why did I get incorrect?

[deactivated user]

    Because that would be: "Hans taske har et interessant indhold."


    Yeah, I realise it's not a direct translation, but it sounds better


    It is a more English translation - the one given isn't English at all.

    Another possibility would be "His bag has interesting contents" but I knew that wouldn't be accepted either.

    I guess sometimes on here we just have to accept it won't take correct translations and just translate things literally, even if our answer isn't English as we native speakers know it.


    "Interesting contents" is accepted. "Indhold" is a neutral word (et word), and thus its plural form is the same as the singular one.


    In fact now (4 years later) it did accept interesting contents. To me contents suggest physical objects, such as you'd expect to find in a bag, whereas content suggests intellectual... content.


    As a non-English native, its sounds indeed better to my ears when an is used.


    I am a native English speaker and can tell you that you can never have "an interesting content." Content (in media) is like water, it is uncountable and therefore can never be singular. You can, however, have "a piece of content," (like "a drop of water"), when referring to media.

    When we are referring to a mass of items, like those in a bag, we say "contents," with an s. Contents cannot be singular either, because when it is singular, you specify the item or say something like, "His bag has something interesting in it."

    The correct English translation for this translation exercise is "His bag has interesting contents."


    Agree with you 100%...I'm also English and think this sounds 'Danglish'.


    yet another which sounds awful in English - does anyone in admin read our comments here or are we wasting our time?


    The virtue of the translation is its word by word transliteration, but for the sake of the lesson, the sentence could benefit from a change to a different adjective like lækker, vigtig, koldt, varmt, lille, stort.


    Yes, it should accept "contents" as this is much more commonly used in English. A book has content, a bag has contents.


    In English contents in normally always plural. Content in the singular sound weird.


    Contents ould be good English, but the expected answer is simply ghastly!

    [deactivated user]

      Er det lovligt?


      REALLY - that is too much!


      NOBODY would ever say anything like that! Translations should allow for a bit more flexibility. It becomes a bit annoying like this!

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