"The party is tonight."

Translation:Tá an chóisir anocht.

May 7, 2015

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example of feminine noun needing lenition in definite singular


Gah! Still struggling with 'tá' and 'is.'

If anyone knows of a website that provides rigorous grammar drills I would be very grateful.


Oh - I just remembered. Someone earlier on this site told me that 'is' is like an equals sign. If the parts of speech connected by the verb are both nouns, then it is 'is.' If the parts of speech are a noun and anything else (as in this sentence) then the verb is 'tá.'

Okay, I'll keep trying. I'd still be grateful for some grammar drills!


Thanks for this tip! Been having some trouble with that differentiation as well. Best of luck!


Should 'tá' or 'beidh' be used here? I didnt think that Irish used the present tense to refer to a future event in the way that English does..


I suggest more colloquially: 'beidh and coisir ar siul anocht' - the event is to be had requiring a future tense and 'ar siul' to say it is 'on'. The answer as structured is too wooden, a direct English to Gaelic wording (forgive the absence of the fada, haven't a notion to do this on my keyboard).


What about "tá an chóisir ann anocht". Because 'on' is left out in English, doesn't mean Irish should follow suit, surely?

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