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  5. "Ræven spiser høns."

"Ræven spiser høns."

Translation:The fox eats hens.

May 7, 2015



Is this one of the cases that the plural is indicated with "s" because the word is borrowed from English, like "sandwiches"? would "høner" be wrong?

[deactivated user]

    The word "høns" is not the plural of "høne" (that would be "høner").

    "høne" and its plural "høner" refer only to female domestic fowl.

    "hane" and its plural "haner" refer to roosters.

    "høns" is used to talk about the species in general, or when there is a group of both male and female domestic fowl.

    By the way, these don't come from English. Rather, they have a common Germanic root.


    Then, the English translation should be "The fox eats chickens", because hen and hens refer only to female fowl.


    Very useful explanation, tak! Take a lingot :)


    Thanks! Very informative. Would that apply to all species then, such as "rævs" for the fox species?


    As far as I know, it only used for "høns", but I am not a native language speaker.


    Wiktionary says høns can be either plural of høne (as alternative to høner), or it can be plural for a group of both male and female. https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/høns


    Hvorfor er : "the fox eats chicken" FORKERT ?


    maybe just the fox eats fowl


    The male voice currently sounds like it says 'huts' for høns. I'm not sure if this is a normal way of pronouncing it, my ears mishearing it repeatedly, or a mispronunciation.

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