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  5. "Good evening, goodbye."

"Good evening, goodbye."

Translation:Godaften, farvel.

May 7, 2015



question about godaften. seeing as all time after midday is afternoon and evening only means after 6pm wouldn't godaften mean good afternoon? not good evening?

[deactivated user]

    These are circa numbers:

    Kl. 06-9 er det morgen => godmorgen

    Kl. 9-12 er det formiddag => godformiddag

    Omkring klokken 12 er det middag

    Kl. 12-18 er det eftermiddag => godeftermiddag

    Kl. 18-24 er det aften => godaften

    Kl. 24-06 er det nat. (But you only say godnat when you are going to bed, not as a greeting)


    In this case 'aften' is a false cognate. It might sound like English 'after…' but it is actually a cognate with English 'even(ing)' (compare German 'Abend', ' Old Norse 'aptann', Old English 'ǽfen'). So it may sound like 'good after(noon)', but 'godaften' refers better to evening.


    Yes, I found that a helpful point, thank you.


    Godaften, hej hej works also!

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