"Good evening, goodbye."

Translation:Godaften, farvel.

May 7, 2015



question about godaften. seeing as all time after midday is afternoon and evening only means after 6pm wouldn't godaften mean good afternoon? not good evening?

May 7, 2015

[deactivated user]

    These are circa numbers:

    Kl. 06-9 er det morgen => godmorgen

    Kl. 9-12 er det formiddag => godformiddag

    Omkring klokken 12 er det middag

    Kl. 12-18 er det eftermiddag => godeftermiddag

    Kl. 18-24 er det aften => godaften

    Kl. 24-06 er det nat. (But you only say godnat when you are going to bed, not as a greeting)

    May 7, 2015


    In this case 'aften' is a false cognate. It might sound like English 'after…' but it is actually a cognate with English 'even(ing)' (compare German 'Abend', ' Old Norse 'aptann', Old English 'ǽfen'). So it may sound like 'good after(noon)', but 'godaften' refers better to evening.

    May 31, 2015


    Yes, I found that a helpful point, thank you.

    January 13, 2019
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