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  5. "Je wilt een lange rok."

"Je wilt een lange rok."

Translation:You want a long skirt.

May 7, 2015



I know "wil" means "want" but is there a dutch word for "would like"... i know in german it's "möchte" is there a word in dutch?


Willen or zou graag willen I guess


I typed "You would like a long skirt" but it was rejected. Any ideas?


that'd be "je zou een lange rok leuk vinden"


Why is "You want a large skirt" not accepted?


because long =/= large


When is 'wilt' used, and when is 'wil' used?


You probably know the answer to this by now, but for anyone else wondering the same thing here's a short little conjugation table. Willen is a slightly irregular verb, which makes things confusing.

willen (to want)
ik wil / je wilt / hij, ze, het wil
we willen / jullie willen / ze willen

You can also say "je wil" and it would be fine in certain regions, but this course teaches "je wilt".


wil is used for first person singular e.g. "ik wil een appel" (i want an apple) wilt is used for 2nd person singular e.g. "jij wilt een appel" (you want an apple) however, when asking a question, 2nd person singular drops the "t" e.g. "wil jij een appel" (do you want an apple) rather than "wilt jij een appel" hope this helps


This is not the first time I've listened to this same sentence and heard "broek," instead of "rok" after listening several times fast and slow." Long pants isn't out of the realm of the possible, either. The Spanish seems more understandable.


Why is "jij" marked as a mistake here?


"Jij" should have been accepted. You are sure the mistake was with "jij" and there was not another mistake in the sentence?

If it indicates again that "jij" is incorrect use the report function and highlight "my sentence should have been accepted". That way the moderators can see what your sentence was and will see if there might be a bug if "jij" does not get accepted.


Yes, I am sure it was just the "jij". But maybe because it was a listening exercise I should hear the difference between "je" and "jij"?


Yes, if it is a listening exercise you have to type what is being said. Since there is a difference in the pronunciation you can only fill in je if the voice says je, and similar with jij.

Je is pronounced as in this sentence a bit like uh - juh

The ij of Jij is pronounced like ei(egg) and suppose in English the closest sound is eye.

You can check out this website which discusses all the different pronunciations and has audio for all of them: http://www.heardutchhere.net/DutchPronunciation.html


duo saw me ranting at sims 4 and a total sum of 1 (one) long skirt and 1 (one) long dress that doesn't look like a bride's dress.


Ik wil een meisje met een korte rok en een laaang jacke.


Everytime I come across the "Je" pronoun, I curse the day I took basic french

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