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Thanks for keeping the comments safe!

Its really nice that I don't have to worry about a bunch of swearing on here, because now I can let my little sister use DL.

September 21, 2013



Don't take this personally, but, I believe you are overly optimistic. Although most discussions are relatively "safe", on the internet (as well as in real life) there can be many nasty discussions, without cursing even a single time. In addition, the fact that duolingo is an online resource, means it can be hacked/defaced and so forth.

So, if you're truly concerned about that, then I suggest you supervise children while they learn. Or wait for duolingo to add supervised accounts, which may have the ability to block certain aspects of the site.


She's 12, so I think she can handle the some swearing. I'm just glad that this isn't like youtube, where every comment is people cussing each other out. She's smart enough to leave a discussion if it goes that way, but here most of the comments are clean.


I agree. I have younger siblings who use this, and I know that it's okay. Thanks DL staff! :)


I let my younger siblings use it, but for one of them it's definitely too difficult. A kids version would be awesome!

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