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My first month on Duolingo

My first month on Duolingo:

Hola amigos! So, this morning I woke up, and logged on to Duolingo, and after I had extended my streak today, looked and said to myself, "has it been a month already?" At first, I had not planned to create a month post, but when I saw that so many other people had done, I decided to create one. I also would like to give special recognition to a few people. In a month, the Spanish skills that I knew previously have increased by a huge amount, thanks to the amazing Duolingo learning system. Thanks to my amazing friends, who were willing to put up with my messy translations and correct them, I have become much better at translations. I have reached translation tier 26 in Spanish, 9 in French, 7 in Italian, 6 in Portuguese, 5 in German, and 5 in English (for Spanish speakers). Now, I am now looked to as an able translator myself. So thank you, Duolingo, both for the friends, and the language learning experience, and I look forward to doing even more with you in the following months! Below is the list of a few of my amazing friends. But this is only a fraction of the wonderful people on Duolingo!

Ryan (EnigmaticTiger)

Linn (Deliciae)

Lexi (Paloma359)



Joy (QQJoy)

Paula (paulaha88/PaulaLuchaJefa)

Kirito (Kirito227)

May 7, 2015



Wait, seriously? You've done all this in one month? I was impressed already, but now it's just getting ridiculous. Well done! I can't wait to see what you'll have accomplished in another month ^^


Hey! I checked out your Youtube channel, and was wondering if you'll be doing more vloggs. I have really enjoyed them! :D


You've come so far in just one month, and I know your drive and motivation will bring you even further. It's been a joy seeing you grow and improve! :)

Make sure you keep pushing yourself forward; favouring complex sentences and new learning over easy points. The gamification here is a double-edge sword, which provides motivation, but at the same time shifts the focus towards arbitrary goals like points and levels. I know what you really want is to learn and improve, as you've proved this to me in the way you take advice, so keep your course steady towards that end.


Thanks Linn! You're the best!



You did great!

I'm nowhere near that tier in Spanish and I've been around for almost 2 years!
Great job! Amazing! :)


Thanks! I had some great friends/teachers who helped me! P.S. did you see I included you in my list of wonderful people? :P


Wow, you are really great! I've been on for two months and probably have not accomplished half as much as you! And you're the one who does all the 1000 lingot comps, right! Congrats :) BTW: Do you have any tips on how to get so much stuff done? Thanks!


Yep! I just devote a lot of time and thought into my work.

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