"La metro"

Translation:The subway

December 24, 2012

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:) Maybe they thought all the emotion aroused by our completely justified righteous indignation at this blatantly unfair question would help us remember the tricky distinction between la metro (subway) and il metro (the metre). I'm not mollified, but I have to admit that it probably worked for me. ;)


Yeah, except that missing my fourth question due to this kind of "nuance" sometimes makes me feel abused by Duolingo's gamified content, and that I'd be better off learning from a book. :(


Why is "meter" shown as a definition for "metro" in this particular sentence if that's not the correct answer?


This is crap! There is no word metro in English. Especially as it pertains to measurement.


The meter should be right!

[deactivated user]

    That's "il metro".

    • il metro = the metre

    • la metro = the metro


    You're right!! Now I think there's another problem.. why is "la metro" in a "Measure" lesson? That doesn't sound right.. "il metro" should be introduced in this lesson, right?


    You're right! La metro(politana) is the subway!!!!


    It is there to show us the importance of getting the article right. If you put "la" instead of "il" you will be talking about the metro instead of the meter. It is actually extremely helpful and easier to learn this way- you sort of "kill 2 birds with one stone".


    Because people remember [deleted] they fuss about ;)


    Ah, it was a joke.

    [deactivated user]

      I don't see the problem. Now you know the difference between "il metro" and "la metro". That's great, isn't it?


      how is a mode of public transportation a measurement??


      Trick question!


      strange. in Italian the underground is il metrĂ² and la Metropolitano/a is also the underground. go figure.


      Just to keep you all on your toes


      We will definitely remember the difference between il metro and la metro and this is why it is added here - for us to learn


      I have heard English speakers call it the subway, the underground and the metro. It depends where you are. :)


      Seeing as so many sentences have dictionary hints that are totally wrong, they shouldn't be putting trick questions like this in. It's confusing enough with the poor quality audio, incorrect pronunciation and dodgy word suggestions...

      Duolingo, please teach me the word for an underground transport system in the 'Transport' section, rather than the 'Measurements' section - k thanx bai :)


      When reading or conversing in Italian you won't always have that sort of context available


      No, I don't expect it to be put in context; none of the sentences on Duolingo have any context, which is fine. I just want to learn the word in the relevant section amongst related words. I can't speak for anyone else, but that would help me to learn it.

      [deactivated user]

        subway twice in the measurements section


        ah ah ah la feinte de Duolingo, la chouette si je t'attrape!


        notwithstanding the pedagogical intent of distinguishing the word by the article, if the wrong word is listed under the "hover", that is just sloppy work and poor teaching. The "hover" should be intended as an aid, not as a trick question or a distraction causing some 30 responses.


        I absolutely agree. I hadn't realized that the dictionary hint was misleading, too!

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