"Je bois l'eau."

Translation:I am drinking the water.

December 24, 2012

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I drink water or I'm drinking water?


Why isn't it some water? Like Je bois de l'eau? Or Je bois d'eau? Depending upon whether eau was masculine or feminine.


M/F does not matter when the word begins with a vowel or h, it's always de l' otherwise de la (F) or du (M) "de le" becomes du

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"Je bois l'eau" = "I drink the water"

"Je bois de l'eau" = "I drink (some) water"


I can`t understand when i should have bois and when boit.Please,help me anyone:)


The verb boire means "to drink." Depending on how you conjugate it, the spelling changes.

With Je, it becomes Je bois (with an 's') With il/elle, it becomes il boit/elle boit (with a 't')

Hope that helps.


When you learn a new word it is highlighted. If you mouse over it you get a drop down menu. If it is a verb it will show the option of conjugating it for you. This will enable you to know which form to apply and when.

Specifically, je bois (I drink), tu bois (you drink)

F.W.I.W. when looking at the conjugation for a new verb I write it down on a flash card for reference until I become familiar with it. Which in the case of duolingo doesn't take long.


Sorry! I did not properly answer your question re: bois vs. boit je bois (I drink) Il, Elle, boit (he, she drinks)


I drink the water is just strange for translation


¿Cuál es la diferencia entre ‘‘Je bois de l'eau’’ y ‘‘Je bois léau’’?

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