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More general aspects in certain lessons.

Hi! I think there's a major flaw in the way some lessons are taught. Maybe it's just me but I think that in some lessons such as "Numbers" there should be a chart explaining how to say from one to ten/hundred. This way we learn all the numbers and not only the ones that appear on the lesson. On "Colors", the same, a chart with all (the most popular) colors. On "Animals", "Food", "Clothing", etc., the same. Plus, there should be a part that teaches you basic stuff such as how to introduce yourself, say when and where you were born, where are you from, whats your age, etc. Oh, and a chart with how regular verbs are conjugated and which are the irregular ones. What do you guys think?

December 24, 2012

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In German we have "Tips" in some of the skills. For example, in the Basics-1 skill I see that we talk about how to conjugate regular German verbs. As far as vocabulary words go, we are hopefully teaching you the most important food, clothing, animals, etc. words. If you go to each of those skill pages, looking at the vocabulary for that skill would be one way of seeing all of the important words at once.

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