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"Oggi gli studenti decideranno."

Translation:Today the students will decide.

May 7, 2015



Gli is used for plural of masculine nouns that start: With a vowel - gli uomini, gli alberi With an s followed by a consonant - gli studenti, gli schermi, gli spartani With a z - gli zaini, gli zii

I think that's all.


Actually also gn (gli gnomi), ps (gli psichiatri) and pn (gli pneumatici).


Isn't 'Today the students decide' the equivalent?


I guess a native english speaker would say "Today students will decide" here, without "the" article. Waiting for feedbacks...


It depends on the idea; if you're talking about students in general, you don't need the article. If you're talking about a specific group of students, you will need the article (both in English and Italian).


Oh, no! I hate days like that, I am still getting over a day when that took place last May!!!


'Studenti' starts with a consonet so shouldn't it start with l' ? I thought Gli was for masculine plurals that start with a vowel..!

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