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  5. "Ólann m'athair."

"Ólann m'athair."

Translation:My father drinks.

May 7, 2015



Can this be used as my father is an alcaholic?


It can be used to mean “My father consumes alcohol”, but I haven’t found a definition of Ólann X as “X is an alcoholic”.


No, it just means that "he drinks" habitually.


I could wish that a word such as sú (juice), uisce, or bianne would be added to specify what my father drinks. Drinking does not have to mean the consumption of an alcoholic beverage.


It usually does, though, unless another drink is specified.


That would be tá meisceoir m'athair


That's a classic Tá sé fear error.

Is meisceoir é d'athair.


Oh thanks, 18 years of Irish and still learning the fundamentals, would a good way of remembering be is noun é and tá sé adjective?


That's basically it - "noun/pronoun is a/the noun" is a copula, "noun/pronoun is adjective/verb" uses .

There are more advanced uses of both is and , but the habit that you need to learn is that tá sé (noun) just doesn't work.


...agus mar a bhíos an cú mór bíonn an coileán!


Is that basically the Irish version of "like father, like son" or "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"? Might come in handy. :) GRMA


Yes, it's a seanfhocal that is equivalent to "like father, like son".

Here's a link to one of many lists of seanfhocail - note that by their nature, proverbs like this often contain dialect forms of words, or archaic terms.



Would this be pronounced the same as saying "A mother drinks"?


m'athair and máthair do not sound the same (at least in Connacht and Munster Irish - Ulster Irish tends to "flatten" that á in máthair, so the difference between athair and máthair is less pronounced).


To render the stage-Irish 'he is known to take a drop', 'Tá de theist air braon a ól'?


Nó tá an t-ól tógtha aige.


Does Duo's dad have a drinking problem? This question has already come up three times in one round and I am only halfway through it!

[deactivated user]

    Along with the rest of the 8-odd billion people on the planet, he'd have a problem if he didn't drink a couple of times a day.

    I'm inclined to think that the person who assumes that the verb is automatically referring to alcohol might be the one with the problem.

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