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When are the flash cards going to fixed? Having the same fifteen cards every time is not productive.

May 7, 2015


Having flash card issues as well.

Having flash cards issues as well.

Seems that they are not going to get this fixed in any reasonable time. What is the best alternative?

The same here. Plus the words list won't refresh itself. I see words as overdue that I practiced today in a lesson.

Please fix the flashcards! Seeing the same ones is worthless.

I've had this issue for a while in French: it's the same 15 over and over and over again.

achetent, fait, prends, marchent, suivent, trouvent, trouve, impossible, jaune, dois, connais, entre, cache, montrez, porte

Similarly, despite showing up throughout the lessons, and being answered successfully each time, these same 15 words appear in my "Words" fully decayed. Others are behaving the same, as well.

Something's amiss!

I am also experiencing trouble with my flashcards for Italian, French, and German. My flashcards in Spanish seem to be working fine, though. I also notice that the cards sometimes have a gray background before they are flipped - as if they have been highlighted by my cursor. I'm not sure if anybody else has noticed that.

Yeah, this is a pretty integral part of the course. Aside from the fact that we all want to keep our pages pretty and complete, its pretty important to review the words. The program is really awesome, but this should be a top priority, its frustrating for the user.

What's the story here? Is anybody at duolingo paying attention to this issue?

Is it the same fifteen flashcards being repeated for everyone? For it's the ones listed below that are currently being repeated. One thing though.. in the beginning not all the words were the same, perhaps one or two new words in the flashcard set. But now its steady at the list below.

colores miramos hacemos oyen duerme tenemos quieren blanco duermes ven hija cocinas camina tienen veo

I have the different same fifteen flashcards repeated: caminas, cocina, hicieron, caminamos, vemos, padre, cuántos, amigos, vivo, número, alto, visita, médica, médico, escaso (BTW can you say in english the different same fifteen flashcards?)

I am having the same problem!

I also have this problem. :(

I also have this problem.

yep, same problem here for the past few days!

Really annoying but, as a newcomer, I'm glad to know it's not just MY problem.

I have now a partially different set of flash cards repeating. It seems somebody is TRYING to fix the problem :D

Same here, a partially different set, still repeating. Cross your fingers...

The meaning of grossing fingers that I knew was completely different: The person who is speaking is lying - you are allowed to lie if your fingers are crossed! :) (That is in Finnish: sormet ristissä)

I also have this problem. Clicking all correct or incorrect doesn't help.

( Google says flashcards in spanish is ...... wait for it ..... FLASHCARDS ! )

later: Installing the latest version of java did not help.

I'm hesitant to say that this is fixed because i've only tested it a couple of times, but something has definitely changed for the better since yesterday morning (EDT). While I'm thrilled that flashcards seem to be working again, I find it incredible that nobody at Duolingo could be bothered to explain the situation. I even tweeted them directly and got no response. Thanks to whoever finally got this sorted out!

Flash Cards repair still seems to be working, and the selections seems to be a mix of very "old" words and words missed recently. Nice to have Flash Cards back. :-)

my word strength doesn't get refreshed even though i have practiced it.

Well despite reaching new levels, I don't have any flash cards to work with. Actually I have no flash cards to review at all. Nothing helps: refreshing, rebooting, clearing cookies and browser re-installation.

Please, please fix this. It's been close to two weeks now, with the same fifteen flashcards every session.

Same problem for myself. Such a bummer. I just found it today, didn't even know it existed beforehand. I wanted to use it to help German, since I'm totally lost, but can't use it. Sounds like it was neat when it was working

Same problem here in Spanish. They were working well last week but now I just get the same cards over and over.

I get the same set of flashcards over and over again.

Perhaps one of the admins could comment on the problem? (Flashcards are not updating after practice.)

having the same issue...

I have been having the same problem for about a week. The same set of flashcards starting with the word "bolsa" plays over and over in my Brazilian Portuguese lessons program.

This is the same for me too. Is there a way to directly contact the admins about the issue since none of them seem to be doing anything about it?

Flashcards have not been updating for me either since the A/B test was introduced. I don't know why there is this glitch for the control group. It's like they don't want us to use them!

I guess I dont have the A/B test yet.

Same issue here!

same here... also, I found the choice of my flashcards quite strange. I now know what white means in French. Is there any way to get feedback what this is all about?

I have a new set of flashcards now, but then it is repeated again, and the words list isn't refreshed after using them. Luckily it is refreshed after strengthening a skill or learning a new skill.

Get some new cards as well now. But it's only 1 or 2 new words in each set... would quite like to see some more new words popping up.

Edit: I just noticed that my strength for particular words is simply not getting updated. E.g. blancs, which I have correctly answered a few dozen times by now, is still market as weak.

Yes, the same thing happens to me as well, that is what I mean by the words list not getting refreshed.

I am still having flash card problems. Last week when I first reported problem, after a few days, some of the words changed. Now, with these few new words, the flash cards are not recycling properly, again.

Please fix this. It would be nice to have granular control over the flash cards. Like adding specific words to my flash card "pile" or practicing based on lesson/subject. But alas same 15 cards over and over and over...

I'm having this problem with both French and German.

Hello - yes I am still having the same problem - In German. It seems that the problem disappears on changing a level and then the same cards come up again and again after that.

I hate them, those flash cards are totally useless. When I want flashcards, I use Anki, or Readlang, the Duolingo one are totally useless, because of their bad translations.

For instance, Beviamo in Italian is translated in French by "buvons", but it has no meaning in French witthout the pronoun!

I have just lost flash cards too!

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