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  5. "Şarkıcı olmak isterim."

"Şarkıcı olmak isterim."

Translation:I want to be a singer.

May 7, 2015



what is the difference between isterim and istiyorum? i know the tense is different, but what will I mean if I say:

Şarkıcı olmak istiyorum

Şarkıcı olmak isterim!

Can anyone plz explain WHEN and WHY an aorist tense is used in detail?plz

thanks in advance!:)


"Şarkıcı olmak isterim." Translation: I want to be a singer.

An aspiration is similar to a dream as Aorist can be used to express wishes & desires.

I think I've gone to far?


Can it be interpreted as a dream?


Yes, the use of aorist makes it vague. It's suitable for when expressing a wish or a dream. :-]


So if I use 'istiyorum', does it mean I am pretty certain that is what I'll be?


I see, besides habits, there is this function, too. It makes all the sentences meaningful now haha :) Thank you!


What is the difference between isterim and istiyorum?




"Şarkıcı olmak isterim." Translation: I want to be a singer.

What is the difference between isterim and istiyorum?

İsterim - "I want." Contains the possessive suffix "-im" 1st person singular. İstiyorum - "I want." Contains the "-yor" present-tense personal ending + "-um" 1st person singular suffix.

They are slightly different & would be used in different contexts:

Şimdi akşam yemeğimi istiyorum! - I want my dinner now!

Doktor olmak isterim. - I want to be a doctor.

Thank you


I do not know the difference between "isterim" and "istiyorum". Also i do not know how to check out your answers!


Whar is the defference between isterim estemayi isteman please ??

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