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  5. Where did the tips button go?


Where did the tips button go?

I was away from my computer for several months, the page looks very different now. No hearts (no problem) and no Tip button. I liked the tips - has it been moved somewhere?

May 7, 2015



I am not seeing in on my screens


In any skill, Tips and notes can be found below the list of lessons. Inside any lesson/practice session, you should see a link Tips notes at the top.


I'm on the Android app learning in the beta Vietnamese course. Usually, I can't find the Tips and Notes section. But two times out of about 40 timessage I've been in the course, I've found them. I seem to be accessing two different screens/versions/apps. What should I do? The tips and notest are excellent but zi usually can't access them.


If your smartphone has a Web browser, you could access the Tips and Notes through that.

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