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  5. No emails from Duo since May 5


No emails from Duo since May 5

Any hints on why I'm not getting emails from Duo. I find comments on my Activity Stream and Immersion but no notifications have come since May 5.

May 8, 2015



Here, try this: Go to settings and click on 'Notifications'. Then check off the notifications you want to be emailed about. That should work. Hope this helps!


Many thanks for your help. I just searched my Activity Stream (since I didn't have notifications :-) ) and one of the mods had suggested the same as you and also the Spam box. And sure enough there were a load of messages in Spam. I have now set them all free and am trying to read as many as I can.

Again many thanks for your post.


No problem, I love helping people!


I did that, but I've only ever gotten two emails from duo.

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