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  5. "Did you turn left or right?"

"Did you turn left or right?"

Translation:Sola mı döndünüz, sağa mı?

May 8, 2015



would this also work? Sola mi ya da saga mi dondunuz


no, you have to use "yoksa" in that case, "ya da " doesn't work


I used yoksa in that way "sen sola döndün yoksa sağa döndün" but marked wrong, why???


you still need the question word "mi", you cannot formulate a question like that in Turkish.

"sen sola döndün yoksa sağa döndün" is OK


Yes, I forgot that, thanks


Do you need to repeat the verb, or can you use it once at the end?


you can use just once, it is more common


I answered "Sola veya sağa döndün mü", from the comments below I understood that you cannot use veya in this case and instead I should have used yoksa. But I was wondering if the rest of the sentence would work, e.g. would "Sola yoksa sağa döndün mü" work in this case? If not, could you explain why?

Thanks in advance!


The word 'mi' is not used like the English question mark. Did you turn left or right -?- yeah guys this is a question...

But rather the one or two 'mi's are put after the word(s) you want to ask about.

In this example the question is not whether or not you turned.(döndü) - we assume that you did.So the question marker 'mi' should not go after döndü.

What we want to know is: Did you turn left (?) or right (?) Sola mı yoksa sağa mı döndün ?

As mentionned above the word for 'or' has to be 'yoksa' because only one if the two options is possible.

Opposite to Do you want coffee or tea or maybe both? where I guess it depends on your generosity whether you use yoksa or veya:)


Sorry for being a bit pedantic here, but in theory the question could be about turning versus going on straight ahead. Not very likely, since then you probably would not have specified left and right - but possible, I guess. Would that change the Turkish phrase? And how?


you can say 'sola mı yoksa sağa mı döndün?'


That is verbatim the answer I was just marked wrong for. Reported it. (28 kasım 2020)


Sola veya sağa dön müydün İs it right guys


Nope, that sentence doesn't make sense for a few reasons.

First, you are asking a question that only has one of two options here. For this reason, you need to use "yoksa" along with the question particles.

The question particle also comes after the past tense marker if the verb is in the simple past tense. Things do get more complex in more complex verb tenses though " döndün mü" is correct :)


"Did you turn left or right?" Translation: Sola mı döndünüz, sağa mı?


Sola mı sağa mı döndünüz?

Correct other Turkish answer accepted by Duo.


Sola döndün mi, yoksa sağa mı . - Why was this marked wrong?


Why is it wrong to say "Sola veya sağa döndün mü" Maybe I could use it with yoksa?


can we say "sola döndünüz mu sağa mı"?


I ysed sola dodun mu yoksa saga dodun mu. And i was marked wrong. Why,??

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