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Best grammar reference book for English speakers with B1 level and above Turkish?

No doubt http://www.duolingo.com/comment/7738932 will become the best grammar reference when it is completed.

But personally I find it nice to have a book (maybe the above could become a "print on demand" book?). Currently I use Underhill (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Turkish-Grammar-Underhill/dp/0262514575/ref=sr_1_5?s=books=UTF8=1431068881=1-5=turkish+grammar) Despite its age it is pretty good as a reference for my level, which is B1 (obviously DO NOT try to work through it as a learning coursebook) but as far as I can tell it has just been reprinted not updated, so I think it has these drawbacks:

1) A few examples are outdated. 2) If updated color (or other modern design) could be used to more quickly show which grammar is commonly used and which is rare. 3) All grammar terms should have the Turkish term in brackets and/or in a glossary. 4) It uses "objective case" for the case which is here called "accusative case". That seems a better name as it is more explanatory, but was confusing at first (maybe in those days "accusative" was not used) as the other name was not mentioned. 5) No answers for exercises. 6) If printed "on demand" paperback would likely be cheaper than hardback I guess. 7) lesson numbers written in English words are irritating when one is trying to think in Turkish. 8) Presumably a little of the grammar needs updating - but not being a linguist I do not know how much.

Despite being written 40 years ago the occasional humerous asides can still be funny.

Anybody know a better grammar reference book for English speakers with B1 level and above Turkish?

May 8, 2015



I strongly suggest Routledge's Turkish grammar: http://www.amazon.com/Turkish-Comprehensive-Grammar-Routledge-Grammars/dp/0415114942

It is extremely detailed. It goes as far as teaching the intonation of certain particles depending on where in the sentence they're used, irregular, double and triple non-syntactic passives, obscure noun-to-verb and adjective-to-verb formations, hyper complex relative clauses and stuff like that that you won't easily learn about in other books.

I have yet to find a book that is as detailed as this one.

Here's a comment of a friend of mine (whose Turkish level is C1) from Belarus who uses the book:

"i told you how much i love routledge's turkish grammar. i'll tell again. I want to send a present to its author. i was in darkness for so many years. how come others dont treat topics so fundamental and how come this woman does? she should be given nobel prize, not some orhan pamuk. the beauty of this routledge grammar book is that other books spend pages on exlaining something and still miss important details this book uses a few sentences but each of them is precious."


If I finished this book, to what level I will reach in Turkish ?


You are a cleverer man than me if you can learn a language from a grammar book. The point is to put it on the shelf to impress my linguist friend!


I think the author ought to get a little recompense. Although thanks that link was useful to get an idea of the middle of the book. Anyone trying to find the fun bit see "Appx 1" in Amazon "look inside". The rest is dry dry dry.


Hmm thanks but I have to say that for someone like me who is not a linguist it looks too tough due to all the linguistic terms. So after rooting around Amazon I decided to get "The Turkish Language Explained for English Speakers: A Treatise on the Turkish Language and its Grammar" by John Guise

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