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"Bhí an cabhlach tábhachtach sa chogadh."

Translation:The navy was important in the war.

May 8, 2015



How would you say 'The important navy was in the war'?


It would be said in the same way as “The navy was important in the war”.


I was just wondering the same thing...


See the second definition of cabhlach¹ here; “navy” is acceptable.


"Bhí tábhachta é an cabhlach sachogadh", b'fhéidir?


It is possible to use a copular construction like "Is tábhachtach é an cabhlach sa cogadh". But the past tense of that would be "Ba thábhachtach é an cabhlach sa cogadh". It is a little bit complicated though, by the fact that that could also be read as the conditional "the navy would be important in the war", so you would only use it if the context made clear what was intended.

"bhí" is the past tense of "tá", not the copula.

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