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  5. "Hoe oud ben jij?"

"Hoe oud ben jij?"

Translation:How old are you?

May 8, 2015



Why is it "ben" and not "bent"? in this case? I always thought: ik ben, jij bent ...


after an inversion (i.e. switching places between the subject and the verb) when the subject is Jij (or je) you must conjugate the verb as if the subject is Ik.

jij bent mijn vader - you are my father. ben jij mijn vader? - are you my father?


Thanks! You're the first to answer my question after 3 months!!! By now I've learned that lesson, already, but still gave you a lingot! :-) Thanks again!


But for other subjects? Is it the same? E.g. ❤❤❤ oud ben jij ❤❤❤ oud ben hij

It is correct?


Hi, Alessandro. No, ir isn't correct. Just for the second person of the singular. I hope that helps you ;-)


Is it normal to ask this in Dutch? I mean, has it the same meaning that in English?


All depends on how you say it and the context, just like it depends on how you say it and the context in English.


But is it the most common way to ask someone's age?


If I want to ask someone what their age is I would use "❤❤❤ oud ben jij?", you could also use "Wat is jouw leeftijd", but that would translate to "What age are you?"/"What is your age?". It's pretty similar to English so.

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